The Talesmiths

The Talesmiths are an author couple who are focused on the science-fiction and fantasy genres. They draw inspiration from other authors, from video games, movies, the crazed depths of their imagination, and even television shows (Babylon 5 and Chuck for the win!) and anime (big fans of Seven Deadly Sins). They would like to thank the Academy, their friend Eric, and The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing for helping them get started down this path.

After the release of their first novel, Interphase, in 2012, they took a four year break to attend to life issues, but are now back and writing full time. They look forward to exploring many new worlds with their readers in the months and years to come.

Jonathan Wilson a.k.a. Artalis – Long ago, in a galaxy somewhere else, Jonathan wanted to be a pianoer (he was 6 at the time, we’ll forgive him the spelling). From there, he proceeded to an interest in a career playing video games, then making them, then running business offices that were responsible for making them, before abandoning the video game idea entirely and going into a major in music. After several years (and changing majors) he settled down with the love of his life and a degree in music composition, which explains why he is now working toward becoming an author (if you missed that jump in logic, don’t worry, I don’t think he got it either). He specializes in plotting (and scheming), character development (especially villains) and scene blocking.

Kira Wilson a.k.a. Kelaren – Kira has been writing stories ever since the 5th grade, and in fact had so much fun with it that it wasn’t long before she decided that’s what she wanted to do when she grew up. Funny thing about growing up though… you don’t always grow smarter. At some point in high school Kira decided that she could never be good enough to actually get published and thought that she should do something more sensible, like accounting, instead. Flash forward a couple of years and she met a really awesome guy in college who not only asked her to marry him, but knocked some sense into her about the whole “writing thing”. He even decided to join her as well! Her specialties are prose, grammar and punctuation.