Interphase: Exodus – Chapter 1

The automated black limousine navigated the busy, pedestrian-clogged streets of New York with ease, leaving its passenger to mull over his research and ignore the outside world completely. Don eyed his notes and scribbled on a pad of paper. Target the secondary protein strand… could yield better results… He tilted his wrist to check his watch and reached for the …

Interphase: Exodus

Before Phoenix… Before Analath… There Was Earth.

When Dr. Don Harris is called before the Global Security Council, he is unprepared to be handed an entire research division with a single mission: destroy a virulent plague before it becomes a raging epidemic.

When he begins fighting the enigmatic disease, Don is targetted for assassination by a fanatical cult and uncovers a dark secret that could spell the end of human civilization. It falls to him and his companions to either be the last line of defense for the remnant of mankind, or fail and become the final memories of a dying planet.

Interphase: Exodus tells the story of the last days of Earth, and the champions who fought to defend the legacy of her children.


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