The Internet is a pretty amazing place for lots of different people to talk about what they know, what they love, and sometimes just to hang out. Here are some of the people and places that we visit frequently. Whether you’re looking for more information about the field of self-publishing, or you are like us and enjoy checking out the talents of amazing people, feel free to check what’s here!

Awesome Blogs!

David Gaughran
Mr. Gaughran’s book, Let’s Get Digital, was a huge part of the reason the Talesmiths decided to go into the field of self-publishing, so it was only natural that his blog would be worth checking out as well. If anyone out there is considering making a go at this themselves, this is a fantastic place to start!

Dean Wesley Smith
A hugely prolific writer and successful entrepreneur, Mr. Smith offers a wealth of information on how to make your writing career the best it can be. He hosts regular lectures and workshops about the craft of writing and understanding the business side of this amazing field.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Dean Wesley Smith’s amazing wife, who is also a writer herself… hmm, sounds kinda familiar… She has even more information on the field of self-publishing, plus has a great sense of humor!

Joe Konrath
Another amazing writer and pioneer of the self-publishing industry! His blog is entitled a Newbie’s Guide to Publishing, so you can bet this is a fantastic resource for all things publishing!

Passive Guy
Passive Guy follows the happenings of the publishing world from a very unique perspective: as an attorney. His thoughts on authors, traditional and self-published, and what’s happening to them are endlessly fascinating… and highly amusing!

Free Kindle Books & Tips
Writers are readers too! Michael Gallagher’s blog is a great place to go to discover new Kindle authors, free book promotions and new releases.

Cool Stuff
Are you an author searching for your next cover? Here’s the service we use. Highly professional and communicative, fast turnaround, excellent quality at reasonable rates! Email David at to inquire about his amazing services.

Rooster Teeth
If this is your first time hearing about the awesomeness that is Rooster Teeth, then stop what you’re doing and go check them out! They are the gang of crazies responsible for such popular web-series as Red vs. Blue, RWBY, RT Shorts, Immersion, and a whole bunch of others!

The Color of Mud
Our dear personal friend, J. Leigh, is an amazing sculptor and pottery artist, and here is where her stuff can be found. She enjoys unique commissions, so if you have an idea for a piece, definitely give her a buzz!