Exile: Uprising

Tathek dreamed of the stars. For one brief moment, he led the hopes of his planet to the edge of their solar system. But then the Vekara came.

In the decade since their enslavement, Tathek and his people had become lost and oppressed, but when a new alien arrival crashes on their planet, the hopes of an entire world may be rekindled.

Exile: Uprising begins the saga of the Teksar race, and their battle against an ancient empire to take their rightful place among the stars.


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  • Updated - July 27, 2017
  • The War of Blood and Iron

    Wife kidnapped. Mauled by a bear. Hunted by renegade sohntar. Dronkhar was having a bad day. Even meeting Ilinnia, a queferi youth with spiritual powers, couldn’t brighten his outlook.

    As the two adventurers are caught in a web of battle and shadow, Dronkhar will be forced to answer one of the hardest questions of his life: how far would you go to save everything that you love?

    The War of Blood and Iron tells the story of two unlikely companions overtaken by a war as old as the world itself.