Tales of the Ailendar, Volume 5: Rite of the Veil – Part 1

Dawn poured pale blue light over the swamps as scraps of mist hovered above the stagnant waters and tangled with the ferns covering the tussocks. Tadi’s breath clouded before his face, as the fine scales on his bare chest flattened to ward off the chill. Using his spear to balance himself on the edge of a floating mud clump, he …

Tales of the Ailendar: The Alliance

From the vast seas of Lukkos to the grassy plains of the Mieram, from the height of Bisalos to the depths of the swamps of Rath, the people and cultures of the grand alliance are as disparate as their homelands.

Explore the traditions and tales of the nations that stood against the Serpent in this collection of short stories from the Alliance!


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